UPS CyberPower DL850ELCD

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The CyberPower DL850ELCD UPS provides uninterrupted power supply for computer equipment and other important components of home/SOHO systems. This versatile device features high performance and can be easily managed by every user. The UPS has three battery-powered outlets providing filtered 230 VAC voltage. The LEDs on the top of the enclosure indicate operational status of the device and battery condition.
The included software – PowerPanel Personal Edition – allows the user to manage and monitor the UPS via USB port (AC voltage, battery status, scheduled shutdown, remaining battery life etc).
Key features:
  • 3 battery-powered 230 VAC outlets,
  • GreenPower UPS technology,
  • Power Management software included,
  • EMI, RFI filtering,
  • USB communication port,
  • Auto restart and battery charging,
  • Status LEDs.


Notice: This UPS model may not work properly with computers having power supplies with Active PFC. To ensure proper operation with such computers, the user should employ a full sine wave UPS, e.g. N9714 from PR series.


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