Rechargeable Battery MWS 18-12 (12V, 18Ah)

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  • VLRA type – completely maintenance free,
  • any working position,
  • long life,
  • high efficiency (power capacity to size ratio),
  • low self-discharge rate.
The MWS 18-12 rechargeable battery is a maintenance-free lead-acid battery (VRLA). The gases building up during the charging process taking place in this sealed-type battery recombine to form water, which eliminates the need for filling it in. Due to Absorbed Glass Mat (AGM) technology, where the electrolyte is placed in fiber glass separators, the battery can be used in almost any position (there is no liquid electrolyte).
The battery is dedicated for use in buffer power supplies. It can also be used as a cyclically recharged power source for autonomous or portable devices.


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