Video IP Protector: AXON PRO (4xPoE+, 4xIN, 4xOUT)

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 AXON PRO Video IP Protector is four-channel surge protector of IP CCTV systems using Ethernet 10/100/1000 Mbps networks and PoE+ technology of remote power supply. The PoE+ technology allows for supplying power to devices with higher energy consumption, such as HD cameras.
Each of the AXON PRO paths protects data and power circuits. The protection is achieved by the use of gas discharge elements capable of conduct high surge currents to the ground. The AXON PRO protector is equipped with a metal casing that protects the device against all kinds of mechanical shocks and provides effective electromagnetic shielding. The application of shielded RJ45 connectors allow for continuity of screening in the case of STP cables.
IMPORTANT! To work properly, the protector has to be connected to grounding system with resistance below 4 ohm or to PE conductor. It is NOT ALLOWED to use for this purpose lightning conductors/arresters or gas installation pipes!


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