Surge Suppressor Netprotector 4p PoE

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NetProtector 4p PoE protects network devices from voltage surges, which can occur during electrical storms. It protects both the LAN and PoE ports. NetProtector 4p PoE can also be used as a conventional PoE adapter. The supplying voltage from an external power supply (connected to the 2.1/5.5 power jack) is distributed to its all four PoE ports. The device is especially useful to provide power supply and protect  ULTIAIR and Mikrotik access points.
When the device is used as surge suppressor only, no power supply is required.
To avoid overvoltages, the protector should be connected to grounding with resistance below 4 ohm. The connection should be screwed down or soldered. It is not allowed to use lightning conductors/arresters or gas installation pipes!


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