Power Supply Distributor LZ-8/POL

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LZ-8/POL is a simple DC power supply distributor that provides power from one higher power unit to a number of devices. The distributor splits the input into 8 outputs; each of them is protected by polymer fuse and has indication of output voltage (the corresponding output LED glows when the voltage is present at the output).
At the time of overloading one of the outputs, the resistance and temperature of the corresponding polymer fuse rises (temperature even over 100 deg C). The output voltage falls and the LED turns off – the fuse limits the current to a small value. After elimination of overloading the fuse returns to its original state and the LED is glowing again.
LZ-8/POL has two power inputs connected in parallel. It does not matter which of them is used – DC 2.1/5.5 or terminal strip. This solution also allows to connect the distributors in series.
Polymer fusses are characterized by nonlinear voltage drop: 160mV for I=0.5A; 300mV for I=0.7A. In the event of overloading the fuse heats up over 100oC. The ambient temperature should not exceed 40oC.
In 12 VDC CCTV systems the possible distances from the device to the cameras strongly depend on current consumption and the cable used – CAMSET 100 M6100_100 (19.5 ohm/km) or CAMSET 50 M6050_100 (39.0 ohm/km). The distances calculated for 11 V “end voltage” (at a camera) are shown in the table below.


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