Power Supply Distributor LZ-6

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LZ-6 is a simple power supply distributor that provides power from one higher power unit to several devices. The distributor splits the input into 6 outputs; each of them is protected by fuse and has indication of output voltage (the corresponding LED glows when the voltage is present at the output).

LZ-6 has been equipped with two inputs for connecting the main power supplier. The inputs work in parallel, so there is no difference which of them is used, the DC 2.1/5.5 socket, or connecting block. This solution allows for linking the LZ-6 distributors in series – e.g. the main supplying to DC IN socket of the first item, and its input connecting block – via a two-core cable, e.g. WT-2.1 – to corresponding input of the second LZ-6 device.
The housing of the distributor has been prepared for mounting (with screws or strap fastening – not included) to a wall or mast. An unquestionable advantage of employing the LZ-6 in monitoring systems powered from a central point is additional protection against intentional attempts to break down the system. Without such individual protection of every power line, the intruder could stop powering of the whole system just by short circuiting the supplying of a single camera.


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