PoE Switching Power Supply POE084832 (45.6…52.8VDC, 8×0.4A)

PoE Switching Power Supply POE084832 (45.6…52.8VDC, 8×0.4A)

Name POE084832
Code M18278
Input voltage 176-264 VAC, 50 Hz
Output voltage range 45.6-52.8 VDC
Max output power 153.6 W
Rated efficiency 87%
Max total output current 3.2 A @ 48 V
Number of outputs 8
Max output current of individual outputs 0.4 A @ 48 V
Short circuit protection fuses or PTCs
Overload protection automatic
Overvoltage protection automatic
Operating temperature -10°C…40°C
Dimensions (W x H x D) 270 x 307 x 116
Weight 3.7 kg
Remarks Metal housing, 15 mm spacing between the rear panel and wall


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Key features:
  • High output power (max 153.6 W – for 8 devices, each consuming up to 19.2 W),
  • Adjustable output voltage (45.6 V – 52.8 V) – optimum adjustment to actual needs e.g. the distances to the powered devices,
  • Optical indication of the presence of the voltage on each output,
  • Optical indication of DC output voltage and fault condition of the PSU,
  • Selectable (by jumper) type of overload protection: fuse or PTC,
  • Tamper protection (opening the enclosure) with N.C. contacts,
  • FPS technical output – indication of the output fuse activation – relay and OC type,
  • High efficiency: 87%,
  • 15 mm spacing between the rear panel and wall can be used for ordering cables.
The POE084832 M18278 power supply is intended for IP cameras compliant with PoE IEEE-802.3af (48 VDC). It has 8 outputs protected with fuses or PTCs (selectable). The output voltage can be adjusted within 45.6V…52.8 VDC range. The voltage can be provided to cameras with the use of minimum cat.3 UTP/FTP cables, pair 4/5(+) and 7/8(-), on the condition that the IP network uses for data transmission only pairs 1/2 and 3/6 (in 10 Mbps or 100 Mbps Ethernet networks).


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