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The set includes two passive devices, as shown above. They are equipped with RJ-45 and 2.1/5.5mm (power) connectors, and prepared for work with majority of popular WLAN devices (TP-Link, Planex GW-AP54SP-P, Linksys WRT54GL, CC&C WA-2204C and WA-2204A) as well as other IP devices, like PIXORD cameras.
PoE adapters allow to power LAN devices (with DC voltage up to 12V) through typical transmission cable (FTP/UTP etc.)
It is very useful solution in the case of Access Points, where the AP can be placed in hermetic box just by the antenna (to lower the loss in the RF cable) and supplied via transmission cable from power source located inside a building.
PoE Adapter (with leads) PoE Adapter (with leads)