HDD 4TB PURPLE WD40PURX (3.5″, SATA3/600, 64MB) – Western Digital

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HDD 4TB PURPLE WD40PURX – hard drives are designed for use in CCTV systems operating in 24/7 mode. The series offers superior performance, high capacity and long-term reliability. The drives can work non-stop in systems processing and recording audio and video, especially professional CCTV systems, on any platform (NAS systems, PCs, standalone DVRs).
The PURPLE series is a further development of the RED family. The modified firmware functions minimize the risk of loss of image frames due to errors or heavy load (AllFrame), as well as the power consumption (IntelliPower).
Western Digital hard drives are recommended by all leading manufacturers of CCTV devices.
WD40PURX drives have a much better performance than their counterparts dedicated to PCs. The special features include:
  • surveillance-class storage with minimized risk of loss of image frames
  • specially designed for the harsh 24/7 always-on, high-definition surveillance environment
  • caching algorithms tailored to the requirements of CCTV systems, characterized by a high intensity of write operations, comparatively low data rates and a large number of simultaneous data streams
  • priority change for write allocation and preemptive caching policies
  • TLER and ATA streaming support
In DVRs/NVRs using more hard drives, usually only one is recording the current video streams, the rest are in Standby or Sleep mode. The power consumption of the WD40PURX HDD in the Standby or Sleep mode is only 0.4 W, which compared to standard hard drives is only 40% of their power consumption.
HDD 4TB PURPLE WD40PURX WD hard drives are covered by a three-year manufacturer’s warranty. It is important to pay attention to the writing load of 60 TB yearly. Applications requiring greater load should be supported by RED series drives.