CCTV Power Supply Distribution Box: LZ-1

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LZ-1 is a passive device distributing power from a single power supply source.
It is ideal for connecting a power supply with 5.5mm plug to YAP75 cables used CCTV systems. When powering cameras with 12VDC over the YAP75-0.59/3.7+2×0.5 M6500 cable, the supplying voltage can be sent over the following distances:
  • for cameras with 250mA load – 58m (voltage drop of 1V)
  • for cameras equipped with thermostats (total load of 750mA) – 28m (voltage drop of 1V)
These are the maximum distances for 12VDC power supply and YAP-75 cable.
The housing of the distributor can be easily installed on poles and walls with the aid of mounting brackets or screws (not included in the package).


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