StellaOffice TriBand SD-RP-1001LGW-4P – 4.000mq – GSM / 4G / 3G

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StellaOffice sistem by Stella Doradus TriBand

The StellaOffice repeater comes with different frequency options.

You can choose a repeater kit that boosts GSM only, or a more expensive kit that boosts GSM, 3G and 4G.

Your choice depends on your needs. If you only need to boost voice, we recommend the StellaOffice900. However, if you want to boost data also, we suggest the 3 band or 5 band options.

Please choose from the table below.

  • The antenna installed on the roof receives mobile signal from all networks. It sends this signal down co-axial cable to the StellaOffice repeater.
  • The repeater boosts the signal to each of its 4 ports. 4 antennas can be installed within the buildinig and connected to these ports.
  • All devices (mobile phones , tablets , laptops, IOT’s)  can now communicate with this enhanced signal
  • Boosts mobile signal in large buildings
  • Coverage: 4 x 1000m2 (up to 15 rooms)
  • Boosts all mobile operators
  • Boosts voice and data (GSM, 3G and 4G)
  • Unlimited users
  • Simple and intuitive LED signal indicator
  • No broadband connection required
  • Repeater output power: 5 mWatts  (50 times less then mobile phone)
  • Complete Network operator protection


StellaOffice SD-RP-1001LGW-4P

  • Provides GSM/4G/3G signal at 800 + 900 + 2100Mhz for large buildings.
  • Coverage: 4000m2 (up to 15 rooms)
  • Compatible with all European mobile operators.
  • Unlimited number of calls / data sessions at the same time.
  • Ce certified
  • Signal power and diagnostics indicator.
  • Assembled and tested in Ireland
  • Complete operator network protection.
  • 3 year guarantee